Hikers with a vision

We, your tour operators, are passionate about two things: hiking, and supporting our rural community.


Elizabeth is a retired teacher from Newfoundland, Canada. José, a native of San Fernando, Chile,  spent 25 years as supervisor with an international agricultural firm in this zone. 

 We are seasoned trekkers based in the village of Puente Negro, a gateway to the Andes.  We have hiked the Camino de Santiago, Spain, Cinque Terre, Italy, the East Coast Trail of Newfoundland and Chang Mai trails in Thailand, among other routes. We have the knowledge, experience, and passion needed to design and guide  tours that guarantee a quality hiking vacation.

Foothills Hiking Chile was developed to support rural communities in the San Fernando cordillera. 

Volunteer Community Services we Provide:

  • Management of Recycling Program

  • English Classes

  • Leadership in formalization of new community organizations

  • Cooperation with other community organizations


San Fernando, O'Higgins Region, Chile