What to Bring

You will need:

  • hiking shoes/boots

  • a small day pack

  • 1 litre water bottle

  • large brim hat

  • comfortable hiking clothes, including long pants to protect from prickly plants, insects, sun (temperatures will be 25°- 30°)

  • a light jacket for evening or early morning activities 

We recommend:

  • hiking poles

  • sun glasses

  • sun screen 

  • bathing suit (You may decide to cool off in the river next to the cabins, or heat up in the hot springs of Termas del Flaco.)

  • travel insurance


We ask people to travel light, in general, to facilitate transportation. Laundry service and sinks for hand-washing are available. Thanks.


Chilean Pesos:

  • You may bring Chilean Pesos. You may bring dollars or euros and change for pesos at the money exchange in the airport, or withdraw pesos at the ATM machine when you exit the international arrivals gate. 



San Fernando, O'Higgins Region, Chile